Putnam County – Local Property Tax Table

Local property taxes in Indiana are paid in arrears.   The rates listed are per $100 of Assessed Value.   The assessed value on real estate is based in part on market value.   The assessed value on business personal property is based on depreciated cost.   Indiana uses the federal depreciation pools with a floor of 30% of cost.   The tables do not include any special conservancy district rates that may apply to individual properties within the designated conservancy district.

Local property tax rates include the county rate, certain school district rates, library rate, township rate, and fire protection district rates, if applicable.   Rates for incorporated areas also include the municipal rate.

Indiana has adopted maximum property tax caps as part of the state constitution.   The caps equal 1% of gross assessed value of owner occupied homes, 2% of the gross assessed value of residential rental real estate, and 3% of the gross assessed value of commercial, business, and industrial real estate.

Users of the table are advised to check current state law in regard to how property taxes may impact their individual or business situation.


Taxing District Tax Rate

School District

2011 pay 2012

2012 pay 2013

2013 pay 2014

Incorporated Communities

Bainbridge Town North Putnam $1.9070 $1.9773 $1.9957
Cloverdale Town (Cloverdale Township) Cloverdale $1.9819 $2.2184 $2.1178
Cloverdale Town (Warren Township) South Putnam $2.1329 $1.9962 $2.2218
Fillmore Town South Putnam $2.0370 $1.9056 $2.1137
Greencastle City Greencastle $2.2393 $2.3761 $2.2535
Roachdale Town North Putnam $1.8820 $1.9647 $1.9828
Russellville Town North Putnam $1.5607 $1.6090 $1.6145

Unincorporated Areas

Clinton Township North Putnam $1.0931 $1.1208 $1.1145
Cloverdale Township Cloverdale $1.5798 $1.7858 $1.6527
Floyd Township North Putnam $1.0674 $1.0975 $1.0706
Franklin Township North Putnam $1.1022 $1.1229 $1.0955
Greencastle Township Greencastle $1.3900 $1.4713 $1.5191
Jackson Township North Putnam $1.0674 $1.0897 $1.0616
Jefferson Township South Putnam $1.7726 $1.5774 $1.7701
Madison Township Greencastle $1.4203 $1.4809 $1.5467
Marion Township South Putnam $1.7546 $1.5623 $1.7548
Monroe Township North Putnam $1.0824 $1.1062 $1.1054
Russell Township North Putnam $1.0360 $1.0604 $1.0412
Warren Township South Putnam $1.7539 $1.5534 $1.7497
Washington Township South Putnam $1.7797 $1.5868 $1.7804














More information about local property taxes can be found at the Indiana Department of Local Government website – CLICK!

Information presented here is not to be considered accounting or legal advice.   Please check with your accounting and legal advisors to determine how Indiana’s property tax law may impact your situation.

Updated 01/2014