The Greencastle/Putnam County Development Center serves as the local economic development organization for Putnam County, Indiana and its incorporated communities.  Putnam County is located 50 miles west of downtown Indianapolis along Interstate 70.  Greencastle, the county seat, is home to DePauw University and Ivy Tech Community College.  The county has a wide range of employers including firms involved in higher education, advanced manufacturing, logistics, natural resources development, and agriculture.


Over twenty-five years ago, the Greencastle/Putnam County Development Center was established as a result of the Greencastle 2001 community-wide strategic planning process.  Shortly after its establishment, IBM announced the closing of its Greencastle facility.  During its history, the Development Center has recruited several manufacturing and distribution firms to the county, supported many expansion projects, and assisted in millions of dollars of infrastructure improvements.

The organization is staffed by an executive director and an administrative assistant.  The annual budget is supported by funding provided by the City of Greencastle, Putnam County, the Putnam County Community Foundation, and the private sector.


The mission of the Greencastle/Putnam County Development Center is to promote investment in Putnam County which will result in quality job opportunities, sustain and contribute to economic growth, and improve the quality of life for our county.

New Initiatives for 2014 and Beyond

1.  Business Retention – Supply and support current and future large and small business needs by working to fill any identified gaps.

2.  Marketing and Outreach – Continue and improve efforts to market Putnam County and its communities to new employers, both large and small, and investors.

3.  Product Development – Support the ongoing development of an educated and available diverse workforce, increase the availability of sites and buildings, support investments in infrastructure that lead to new investment, and support additional quality of life improvements to make the county attractive to investment and new residents.

4.  Residential Development – Support and develop means to encourage the workforce to stay and located in Putnam County.

5.  Management and Operations – Support and maintain the day to day operations of the Development Center as a leading local not-for-profit corporation.   Support and partner with other local and regional economic and community development partners.

Each year, the board works to retain and grow existing local industries and to recruit new industries and employers to the community.  In support of its investment and job creation efforts, the board and staff will continue to pursue opportunities in areas such as advanced manufacturing, logistics, natural resources development, agribusiness, entrepreneurship, and other areas.


The business community and local government recruit the Development Center’s assistance for a variety of projects.  When called upon, the Development Center can pull together a comprehensive team of local leaders, board members, and others to assist with a project or issue.

Services that the Development Center offers include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Business retention, expansion, and recruitment in Putnam County.
  • Monitoring of tax abatement for both companies and local units of government to insure that companies obtain their maximum benefit while complying with the terms of the abatement award;
  • Monitoring and updating of tax increment financing areas including preparation of various reports to the State of Indiana;
  • Grant writing, i.e.: assistance with state and local grant applications;
  • Database management for sites, demographics, affirmative action, employment trends, etc.
  • Assistance and support in regard to obtaining various planning, zoning and utility approvals and permits required for a successful project;
  • Notification and reminders of deadlines, workshops, and other opportunities;
  • Specific workforce training assistance for employers including information on sources of training and grant opportunities;
  • General workforce training advocacy with Area 30, Ivy Tech Community College,  the Western Indiana Workforce Investment Board, and area school systems to help insure a well qualified workforce in the future;
  • Communications and networking opportunities; and,
  • Research for various special projects and requests.

We invite you to contact us directly with any questions in regard to how we might help your organization grow and prosper in Putnam County and its communities.

Updated: 06/2014