Greencastle City Government


Mayor and five-member City Council – Elected four year terms

Clerk/Treasurer – Elected four year term

Board of Public Works and Safety – Three member appointed board

Planning and Zoning

Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals

Economic Development

Redevelopment Commission

Economic Development Commission

Citizens Advisory Commission for Industrial Development

Law Enforcement

Greencastle Police Department – Chief, 15 officers and 6 reserve officers

Putnam County Sheriff’s Department – Chief, 16 deputies and 27 reserve deputies

Fire Protection

Greencastle Fire Department – Chief and 16 firefighters (full time paid department), 12 reserve firefighters, 1 full time fire inspector and 1 full time building inspector

One aerial tower, three pumpers one rescue truck, one all-terrain truck – ISO rating of 4

Emergency Medical Service

Paramedic and EMT services provided by Putnam County Operation Life

Residential Waste Removal and Recycling

Weekly collection by private contractor under contract with the city; billed through utility bills.  All plastics, paper, and metals picked up for recycling.

Commercial Waste Removal

Not provided by the City of Greencaslte.  Businesses may engage one of several local providors.